40 things to do before you’re 40

Hitting 30 in a national lockdown really puts things in perspective!

When you hit, 31, 32 I thought, dam I’m getting old! Not being able to do a number of things on my 30 list, because of Covid made me re-evaluation myself.

Now that my years are disappearing before my eyes, it’s time to do things that I’ve always wanted to do, things that should try and things that I have never done before, it’s now or never!

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Some of my fondest memories are from my university days. Now it’s not just the drinking and partying, but I would fully recommend a good onesie pub crawl! It was also the things I did outside of university like the channel swim and charity work.

Naturally, post-uni life has slowed down and it is easy to fall back into your comfort zone but if you are also hitting a milestone, or looking to create your own bucket list, hopefully this will give you a head start!

Let me know what you think in the comments section!

1. Take a cross country road trip 

(Head banging is optional)

road trip headbang GIF

2. Visit a Casino 

(gamble responsibly, these lists aren’t cheap)

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3. Learn photography

(take a photography course)

photography GIF

4. Swim Lake Windermere – booked!

(A sporting challenge)

dog swimming GIF by Slanted Studios

5. Go on the world’s fastest zip wire


Boris Zip Line GIF - Boris ZipLine UKFlag GIFs

6. Follow through on an idea

(see it trough to the end)

Ken Jeong Community GIF - KenJeong Community Wave GIFs

7. Learn to code

(complete a coding course)

Typing Jim Carrey GIF - Typing JimCarrey Fast GIFs

8. Become a home owner  – Done!

(Bye money, it was nice while it lasted)

Really House GIF - Really House GIFs

9. Give blood!

(hate, hate, hate n-n-needles.)

The Goon Dodgeball GIF - TheGoon Dodgeball Movie GIFs

10. Do an triathlon

(guess I have to try that running business!)

Running Is Impossible. GIF - RunningIsImpossible WorkOut IQuit GIFs

11. Invest

(Make an investment)

Buy Buy Buy GIF - BuyBuyBuy GIFs

12. Paint a “piece of art”

(beauty is in the eye of the beholder!)

Bob Ross Painting GIF - BobRoss Painting Happy GIFs

13. Clay pigeon shooting

(clay discs may be harmed in this process)

Shooting GIF - Cowboy Gun Shooting GIFs

14. Meditate

(meditate once a week for one month)

Star Wars GIF - Star Wars StarWars GIFs

15. Meet a weight goal – Done!

(loose the pounds while lifting them)

Exercise Muscles GIF - Exercise Muscles GymFit GIFs

16. Visit the Eden Project

(be one with nature)

Nature GIF - Nature Good Leaf GIFs

17. Play some golf


Golf GIF - Golf GIFs

18. Create a family tree

(the horrors that await me)

Tree Cutting GIF - TreeCutting CuttingTree ChristmasTree GIFs

19. Swim a marathon event

(marathon swimming, but in the masses)

ocean swimming GIF

20. Learn to sail

(take a sailing lesson)

amazing race struggle GIF by CBS

21. Go to an open door cinema

(grab some popcorn)

Popcorn Popcorn Day GIF - Popcorn PopcornDay NationalPopcornDay GIFs

22. Become Robin Hood 

(do some archery)

stephen amell arrow GIF

23. Do a live stream

(hello world)

streaming zach galifianakis GIF by BasketsFX

24. Take a photo of a sunrise and a sunset!

(its going to be an long day!)

Gordon Ramsay Sunrise GIF by National Geographic Channel

25. Treat yourself 

(treat yourself to something you’re always wanted)

treat yourself bethenny frankel GIF

26. Read a good book

(being dyslexic that’s always risky!)

very funny lol GIF

27. Pay for a training programme

(seek professional help)

Fox Tv GIF by BH90210

28. Pick up an old hobby 

(picking up where things left off)

kris jenner hobby GIF

29. Build an app

(but don’t expect good results)

cute cat GIF

30. Learn to kayak

(take a kayaking course)

OMG Dont Know What To Do GIF - OMG DontKnowWhatToDo Kayak GIFs

31. create my own food passion books (two)!

(that’s going to be alot of try and error!)

Team Rocket GIF - Team Rocket Pokemon GIFs

32. Become a BBQ/pizza master

(head chief incoming)

Bbq-party GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

33. Get married

(Don’t piss off Emily)

Jim-and-pam-wedding GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

34. see Northern Lights

(trip incoming)

Northern GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

35. Successful Allotment year

Allotment GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

36.  Became a man of Business! The American way, the British way

Business-time GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

37.Start a Family – ahh!

(Does Lance count?)

LOGO Family by Catarina Ribeiro on Dribbble

38. Mentor Someone

(lord help them)

Mentor GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

39. Try Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Paddleboard GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

40. Learn How to Pilot a Drone

Drones - Animated Gif on Behance

Thank you very much for reading, I will be updating you all as I go and I hope this may have inspired you too! Here is one last GIF for luck:

leaving spongebob squarepants GIF