About me

Hello! As you will likely know by now, my name is Ben Brophy!

I would like to think of myself as a very active and driven individual, who loves pushing himself to the limits and trying the unthinkable. I have commonly matched this with my enjoyment and passion towards charity fundraising. this can be for both personal and non-personal related charities. Over the years I have looked to raise much welcomed funds and awareness for charity.

Looking back, I can say that I was one of those kids who wanted to do everything from football, Taekwondo, cross county and from 2010 swimming! Many of you may already heard me mention my English Channel swim, which I go into more detail into the challenges and achievements section

Moving away from the sporting and charity side of me, I grow up in the county of Bedfordshire before moving to University in 2010. Where I lived and studied in Birmingham for three years at Aston University. Here I studied the BSc Accounting for Management, not what most people may expect me to say given my sporting background.

I graduated from Aston in 2014 walking away with a 2:1, full Aston club Colours, half Guild Colours and in my third year the title of an official English Channel swimmer. Even though I have achieved one of the great achievements in life by swimming the English Channel, I see this is just the start of my adventures and I want to take you all on the journey with me!

Hopefully it will be a good read!

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